Snow in Tawa!


   Listed in order of streets (alphabetically).
   Name of individual who contributed photo is given, along with their comments.

  PETERHOUSE ST (1) - The Ricemans

  PETERHOUSE ST (2) - The Ricemans

  PETERHOUSE ST (3) - Heather Hassell
  1. Sunday 14th approx 5pm. Emma & Kate watched by their Dad, using black rubbish bags to toboggan down our driveway.
  2. Monday 15th, from our back yard in Peterhouse Street showing snow on our outdoor table and looking to hills across to the other side.
  3. Monday 15th at approx 2.30pm. Emma & Kate building their snowmen creations.

  RANGATIRA TCE - Judith Gray. "Had to abandon my car at the bottom and walk up in the tracks being made by my son kindly imitating a snow plough."

  1. Malcolm Andrews. View south down Ranui Terrace from just below Linden School gates.
  2. Malcolm Andrews. Winter wonderland - our backyard.
  3 & 4. Prue Elwood.

  RAROA TCE (1) - Jenny Bray
  1. Dom & Lily.
  2. At Raroa Park.
  3. On Raroa Terrace.
  4. After the snow stopped.

  1. Jenny Bray. Cabbages in the vege patch.
  2. Jenny Bray. Fern in our garden.
  3 & 4. Dave Johns.

  RAROA TCE (3) - Ann Farrand

  Hugh & Hazel Dudgeon. The shot was taken around 7.30 last night [Sunday] when we arrived home - the front of our Villa in Redwood Village.

  REMBRANDT AVE - Heather Becada. The second photo is Kelsey making a snow angel.

  SOMERVILLE TCE - Toni Raynor. "Our house and street. A wonderful afternoon - just magical!"

  SOUTH ST - Annette Smith. My 13 year old son Nicholas Wolff on our deck about 4.45pm yesterday [Sunday].

  ST AIDANS WAY - Brian Smyth

  1. Catherine Barnes. Taken from our place at 1 St Annes Square.
  2. Nick Hewer-Hewitt. Snow fights in Tawa.

  ST ANNES SQ (2) - Andy Fenton
  1. Cameron Rose; Kate and Michael Fenton building an early snowman.
  2. Kate Fenton getting snowballed.
  3. Kate and Michael Fenton making scooter tracks in the snow.
  4. The Christmas Card: the Fenton Family dodging neighbourly snowballs outside 8 St Annes Square.

  ST CATHERINES TCE - John Sherborne
  1. Looking west towards Larsen and Peterhouse from our deck at 5.58pm on Sunday.
  2. Looking northwest towards Westhaven from our deck at 6.05pm.
  3. A tree in our front yard seen from our deck.
  4. A snowman spotted in St Catherines Tce.

  ST EDMUND CRES - Robin & Jean Radford
  1. From our patio looking north.
  2. Backyard with clothesline.

  ST JOHNS TCE (1) - Brian Waugh
  1. Facing north.
  2. Facing south.
  3. Out the front.
  4. Out the back.

  1. Brian Waugh. Colonial Knob way from St Johns Terrace.
  2. Martin Garcia. Looking across to St Johns Terrace from 9 Gonville St.
  3. From Jennifer Houliston.

  1. Elli Jenks.
  2. Richard Marshall. Bradley Marshall boogie-boarding down Sunrise Boulevard on Sunday afternoon.

  TAYLOR TCE (1) - Michael O'Loughlin

  TAYLOR TCE (2) - Peter Layne. Snow photos taken on the Sunday afternoon.

  THE DRIVE - John Sherborne. Looking eastwards down The Drive with the Horokiwi skyline above Taylor Tce and the motorway.

  TUI PARK - Ross Armstrong

  TURRIFF CRES - Toni Stoker. Our back garden.

  VIEWS EASTWARD (1) - Brian Waugh. Looking from St Johns Tce towards the eastern hills.

  1. Sarah.
  2. Peter Hunt. Looking up Takapu Valley towards Belmont Park from Sunrise Boulevard.
  3. Malcolm Sparrow. View looking eastwards from Brasenose Place.

  1. Graham Butcher. Wide view of Tawa looking towards western hills from Tawa lookout. Taken at 10am Monday, during a rare break in the weather.
  2. Jenny Bray. Monday, ice on balustrade in Raroa Tce.
  3. Ross Armstrong. Redwood from eastern hills.

  VIEWS WESTWARD (2) - John Sherborne
  1. From Redwood Station looking across the Drive towards Redwood Bush on Monday.
  2. From Redwood Station looking northwest towards Victory Cres.

  Outside our house at the top of Westhaven Dr. My son Jeff and his daughter Fern had a lot of fun as the snow at top of the hill was over their gumboots.

  1. Anon. The fir tree with the "stripes" in front is actually the snow coming down!
  2. Anon. The Woodman Drive cul-de-sac where the Christmas lights usually are.
  3. John Whalan. Taken from behind Woodman Drive late Sunday afternoon.
  4. Ross Armstrong. Snowman on Woodman Drive.

  1. Kay Martin. Martin family
  2 & 3. Kay Martin. Street scenes
  4. Ann Farrand.

  WOODMAN DRIVE (3) - Marie

  WOODMAN DRIVE (4) - Laurie Winter

  Balliol Drive to Oriel Ave

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