Pics of Tawa from week to week in 2011

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  Tawa Primary Schools' Citizenship Awards 2011
  Brasenose Place barbecue
  Greenacres School Mad Hatters' Christmas Gala
  Last visit to Woolworths
  Relaxed cat
  Election candidates 2011
  Tawa streets from the western hills
  Grasslees Reserve by the rose garden
  Matangi train at Linden Station
  More colours of the World Cup
  Colours of the World Cup
  The coffee cart
  Kowhai trees in bloom again
  Southern entrance to Tawa
  Tui on the birdtable
  Snow in Tawa!
  Fundraiser for Japan trip
  The coldest day
  Rotary Book Fair 2011
  Fewer trees at the entrance to Tawa
  Tawa's new community constable
  Fancy new loos at Willowbank
  Frost at Willowbank
  First heavy frost
  Tawa Panorama
  Parking in Rawson St
  "Beat the Winter Bues" at Tawa College
  Parking at Takapu Road station
  Hot sausages at Greenacres School
  Kelly the dog
  Sunrise over the eastern hills
  Out of stock at the supermarket
  Franklyn Road or Franklin Road?
  Shell station on the Main Road
  Government House - definitely not in Tawa
  Seagulls at Linden Park
  Tawa Venturers' battle
  Pieter Braun's farewell
  Tawa Keas' bike-a-thon
  Meeting the Tawa Community Board
  Tree across the Main Road
  Quake Concert
  Outside activity at Tawa Intermediate
  Greenacres School's Reaction to the Earthquake
  Tawa Lookout Historical Walk
  Sights at the supermarket carpark
  Advancing the Walkway in Findlay Street
  A short stint at the 7s
  Tawa Police Base
  Narrowing of Duncan Street
  Pohutukawa on the Main Road

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