TAWA SCENES - mostly 2003
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1. The heart of Tawa - Main Road shops with the Salvation Army left foreground, library right foreground and the Baptist Church in the middle distance. Similar pic (140KB). 2. Tawa from the eastern hills. Motorway in foreground, supermarket at very centre, Main Road churches centre left - Anglican, Catholic and Salvation Army ("inverted V" - grey roof). Another pic looking west.
3. On the eastern side of the motorway (upper half of photo) is Greenacres, part of Tawa. Tawa Intermediate and Tawa College buildings feature prominently "below" the motorway, State Highway 1. 4. Very centre of Tawa - the Plaza and tawa tree sculpture. Click here for earlier pic of plaza.
5. Oriel Ave, one of the main thoroughfares through Redwood (Tawa).
More Oriel Ave pics:  1  2
6. Pleasant suburban housing in Redwood, the southwest end of Tawa.
Three Redwood street scenes:  1  2  3
7. Another street in Redwood (Tawa). Kowhai tree in bloom in foreground. 8. One of many kowhai trees in bloom September/October time.
9. The "bucket tree", a very distinctive specimen, world famous in Tawa. 10. Ever wondered where old shoes land up when they die? Now you know - you're looking at the "boot tree".
11. No-one can live in Tawa and not be aware of the trains. The "main trunk line" runs through the valley, and commuter trains like the one seen here (arriving at Takapu Road station) are a common sight. 12. The train approaching Takapu Road station, alongside Willowbank park.
More train pics:  1  2
13. The very pleasant Willowbank park with schoolchildren enjoying the playground equipment. 14. Willowbank park in spring (October) with a train at Takapu Road station in the background.
Pic of the stream at Willowbank.
More pics of Willowbank.
15. Children's playground at Grasslees Reserve, north of the town centre. 16. The view north over Greenacres (northeast section of Tawa) towards Porirua and its harbour.
17. Looking over Tawa College and beyond. That's the motorway (SH1) in the foreground, and Tawa Pool centre left. 18. Woodman Drive, Greenacres, on the eastern hills of Tawa.
19. New housing off the southern end of Woodman Drive. The houses in the background are on the other side of the valley, those furthest away are in Redwood (southwest Tawa). 20. Raroa Tce, off Woodman Drive, leading down to Greenacres School.
21. About to enter the Wilf Mexted Reserve which features a short but very pleasant bush walk. 22. Looking east from the western hills, along Lyndhurst Road to the Main Road roundabout. Bottom right - rugby clubrooms; left - fire station (flying flag); upper left - Catholic church; upper right - Anglican steeple.

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Aerial view of Tawa - see pic 3
Boot tree - see pic 10
Bucket tree - see pic 9
Centre of Tawa - see pic 4
Grasslees Reserve - see pic 15
Greenacres, view over - see pic 3
Kowhai trees - see pics 7 & 8
Main Road shops - see pic 1
Oriel Ave - see pic 5
Raroa Tce - see pic 20
Redwood streets - see pics 6 & 7
Roundabout, central - see pic 1
Suburban housing - see pic 6
Takapu Road station - see pics 11 & 12
Tawa Plaza - see pic 4
View from eastern hills - see pic 2
View from western hills - see pic 22
View over Greenacres - see pics 3 & 16
View over Tawa College - see pic 17
Wilf Mexted Reserve - see pic 21
Willowbank Park - see pics 13 & 14
Woodman Drive - see pics 18 & 19

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Last updated November 2003