Index to Tawa Pics

Welcome to Tawa - heading along the Main Road

Pics of Tawa from week to week
- more than 300 different pics in and around Tawa since August 2003

A wide range of Tawa scenes and settings
- from the early 2000s, but mostly still relevant

Tawa locality map
- Various points of interest around Tawa are linked to this map

The Tawa Sign
- Tawa's distinctive floral sign

Willowbank Park
- the delightful 5.5 hectares Willowbank Scenic Reserve

Willowbank in Winter

The Bucket Tree
- a very distinctive tree, "world famous in Tawa"

Brian Webb Memorial Rose Garden
- the rose garden at Grasslees Park

Views from the eastern hills of Tawa

Opening of the track through Redwood Bush
- showing something of the bush covering the western hills of Tawa

Tawa Mall

Tiles on the Library

Cambridge St
- very central, a minute or two from the Main Road shops

Sunrise Boulevard
- a pleasant tree-lined street at the southern end of Tawa

A "blaze of red"
- pohutukawa trees in bloom in the summer

Various sights
- a few 'quirky' shots around Tawa

Winter in Tawa
Spring in Tawa
Summer in Tawa
Autumn in Tawa and beyond
- most of the autumn scenes are not Tawa, they're miles away!