Cambridge St, Tawa

Cambridge Street is at the centre of Tawa, a minute or two from the Main Road shops and a number of churches, and only another minute or two in the other direction for the train at Tawa Station. Tawa Central Kindergarten is also very close, and schools are within easy walking distance. For a map of central Tawa, click here.

At the right of this scene is the start of Cambridge St. It runs in a northeasterly direction from the roundabout on the Main Road seen here. That's the Mervyn Kemp Library with the newly-placed tiles clearly visible on the outside wall at left. Off to the left of this scene are the Main Road shops.
Looking directly up Cambridge St from the Main Road roundabout. The Library is to the left of this scene. On the right side of Cambridge St is residential housing. On the left is a Council-owned building (which subsequently became the Tawa Community Centre in May 2007) and, further along, Woolworths supermarket.
We've headed 200-300 metres up the street now, and are looking back at the houses (which you can pretty much work out for yourself). Continue off the right of this pic to get back to the Main Road roundabout.
A little closer to the roundabout again. The two-storey brown-roofed house in this pic can be seen towards the right of the previous pic. Follow all that?
We're almost at the other end of Cambridge St here - near where it meets Oxford St. On the right is the start of the carpark (Woolworths, etc). At the far side of the road is the Council-owned complex mentioned in pic 2 above. At the other end of the street can be seen - from left - St Christopher's Anglican Church steeple, the roundabout, the Norfolk pine outside the Library, and the Catholic Church steeple.

This page was compiled late February 2005 primarily to allow a certain family from outside New Zealand the opportunity to view the street in which they may be living in the near future.

Also see: Improvements to Cambridge Street in 2008

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