Pics of Tawa from week to week in 2012

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  Hanging the baskets
  Construction of the new supermarket
  Emergency preparedness meeting
  Spring into Tawa Market Day
  Festival singers on walkway
  Daffodils in bloom
  "Tawa Goes to Town" practice
  Steam train through Tawa
  Putting up the Rotary Book Fair signs
  Tawa Community Civic Awards winners
  Overflow at Takapu Road Station
  Meeting to discuss Tawa Station
  Inside the Tawa Station building
  The future of Tawa Railway Station
  View from track up Mt Kaukau
  Keeping the barbecues safe
  Neighbours take to streets
  Collecting the BBQ pack
  Picking the winners of the BBQ packs
  Tips for a street barbecue
  A further stint at the 7s
  Tawa College's "Realise the Dream" Student
  Early progress with the new supermarket
  Pohutukawa time again

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