A further stint at the 7s

Approaching the Stadium about 11.10am.

The following wording is (almost) exactly the same as that used on the equivalent page in February 2011, the first "stint" for some of us at the 7s.

The Rotary Club of Tawa plays a part at the Rugby Sevens at Westpac Stadium each February. Members are involved in "liquor management" - basically keeping an eye on would-be purchasers to ensure that no-one under 18 tries to buy alcohol at one of the stadium's many liquor outlets, and also that no more is served to those who have obviously had too much! It's a good fundraising exercise for Tawa's Rotary Club, along with giving the 35 or so Rotarians who assisted on both days the opportunity to see the amazing array of outfits worn by those taking part in the festivities.

Because they're there to do a job in the concourse, those assisting get to see very little of the rugby apart from glimpses on the overhead TV sets. However much of the "action" actually takes in the concourse itself, with hordes of (mostly) youngsters prancing around and showing off the variety of costumes which they've gone to the trouble of decking themselves out in (if that makes sense!).

These photos were taken on the Friday afternoon. Crowd numbers only really started picking up from mid-afternoon onwards. By evening-time when the party was really getting into full swing (so to speak), many of those who had helped with the early shift were happy to be back in Tawa watching the action in the comfort and sobriety of their own lounges!

Empty stadium before midday. The first match didn't start until 1pm.

[Click on pics to enlarge].

  Back at Takapu Road Station in Tawa, these pirates hailed from Taranaki.
  These dudes had just got off the train in Wellington.
  Who knows where they'd hailed from?
  Fat Scots (by the looks of things).
  Colonel Sanders turns up each year.
  Glamorous outfit, but could be interesting squeezing into a stadium seat.
  (Dr) Mandy McGlone, former Tawa resident.
  It takes all types!
  2.50pm. Still not especially busy yet.
  3.54pm. The crowd's starting to pick up.
  There are times when one is obliged to pose for a photo, in this instance
  with Kieren Gera, former head girl (2010) at Tawa College.
  Kieren and friends.
  Tawa resident Karl Romijn (at right) and friends.
  6.21pm. Rather crowded foods and drink bars.
  Outside the stadium. This is meant to be an exercise in "planking".
  6.31pm. Heading to the stadium late in the day.

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