Tips for a street barbecue

"Your chance to be neighbourly in Tawa". People were invited to a get-together at the Tawa Community Centre on Sunday 19 February to plan for Neighbours' Weekend in Tawa, 24-25 March. Around 55 took part, with the meeting being run by Ngaire Best (local City Councillor) and Malcolm Sparrow (Tawa Community Board), with backing from Jim Higgins (Tawa Neighbourhood Support) and Alastair Campbell (Lions Club of Tawa).

How 'neighbourly' are we in Tawa? We're aiming to see a barbecue (or similar) in at least 50 streets in Tawa over Neighbours' Weekend. At our Sunday afternoon get-together, tips were provided on how to run a neighbourhood barbecue, with the promise of various resources available to those registering to do so at Neighbours' Weekend. Elaine Harvey (Colonial Grove) and Melissa Secker (Mexted Tce) spoke briefly on the neighbourhood groups they help run in their respective streets.

The photo below shows Ngaire Best imparting her wisdom at the recent get-together.

For more information about Neighbours' Weekend in Tawa, click here.

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