Picking the winners of the BBQ packs

Getting into the spirit of "Neighbours' Weekend in Tawa" (24-25 March 2012), the Tawa Temporary Supermarket offered the Tawa community three BBQ packs comprising the likes of sausages, bread, tomato sauce and a few other BBQ goodies. The names of all 36 streets which had registered as at Sunday 11 March were put into a hat and three were drawn out to win the BBQ packs.

The winners are McKeefry Grove and lower Sunrise Boulevard, and an "afternoon tea pack" will be going to Anthony Street who, as you might have gathered, are having a neighbourhood afternoon tea rather than a barbecue.

The photo shows Nicole Hogg, co-manager of the Tawa Temporary Supermarket, drawing the street names out of the hat.

Click here for more about "Neighbours' Weekend in Tawa".

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