The future of Tawa Railway Station

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The fate of the current Tawa Railway Station building was outlined by Greater Wellington Regional Council officers and a councillor at a recent Tawa Community Board meeting (April 2012). The building is apparently in such a state of disrepair, including leaning on rotten pilings, that drastic action is required.

There are seemingly two alternatives:

- to restore the current building which would be a major undertaking and, we're told, could mean the closure of the station for between one and two years! The cost of restoration would be in the region of $1-1.5 million.

- to knock down the current building and replace it with a modern structure. The station would be closed for around 3 months, and the cost of this option would be around $600,000.

The Regional Council - who will make the final decision - have indicated they have funding for the second option only.

The station was built in 1937 and is an important part of the history of Tawa. The Tawa Community Board is organising a public meeting in early May to gauge the strength of feeling in the community about this. It seems that a lot of time and effort (and possibly financial contribution) will be required on the part of local people if the Tawa Railway Station is to be restored. That would be the ideal, but whether there is enough commitment to see it happen remains to be seen.

Meeting to discuss Tawa Station
Inside the Tawa Station building
. Slightly older pics at Tawa Station:
. View towards Tawa Station and beyond (2006)
Commuter train at Tawa Station (2005)
Steam train at Tawa Station (2004)
Tawa Railway Station (2003)

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