Tawa Community Civic Awards winners

The Tawa Community Civic Awards ceremony took place this past Friday evening, June 22nd, at the Tawa Community Centre. 63 individuals or groups were acknowledged on the night and presented with a certificate by the Mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade-Brown. There will be more on this site shortly about the awards, and more photos once the professional ones are available. The above photo records the winners of the seven different categories as detailed below. The photo below shows all (or most of) those presented with certificates of appreciation by the Mayor.

Mathew Gillett - Tawa Rotary Young Employee Award
Peter Turney - Heritage & Environment
Marie Prescott - Education and/or Child/Youth Development
Tawa Community Patrol (Brett Gillies) - Health & Wellbeing (group winner)
Graham Phillips - Sport & Leisure
Barbara Russell - Health & Wellbeing (individual winner)
Michael Johnson - Youth (15-24 years)
Mike Harmon - Arts & Culture

Read more about the Tawa Community Civic Awards here. Click on the pic below to enlarge.

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