"Tawa Goes to Town" practice

The biennial Tawa Music Festival, "Tawa Goes to Town", is fast approaching. It will take place at the Michael Fowler Centre on Tuesday evening, 18th September. Tickets are available here.

Meanwhile practices for the festival continue at full pace. Every Wednesday afternoon around 350 primary schoolchildren from Tawa's six primary schools, plus the Intermediate, converge on the Tawa College hall for a one hour rehearsal. College singers practise on a Friday morning before school, and some 80 adult singers practise on a Sunday afternoon.

The photos above show, in the top row, around 130 Redwood school pupils en route from Redwood Ave to the College in Duncan St, a journey which takes 25-30 minutes. The boys in the second photo are (L to R) Jack, Carter and Charlie. The girls in the fourth photo are McKenzie and Kaitlin.

The bottom row features all the primary school singers during their practice last Wednesday afternoon, August 15th 2012. The hardworking conductor overseeing the whole operation is Murray Cameron, head of the Music Department at Tawa College.

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