Earthquake preparedness meeting

A community meeting entitled "Wellington Rocks" was held at the Tawa Community Centre on the evening of Wednesday 3 October, and attended by 80 people, plus four presenters.

The first speaker, Dr Rob Langridge from GNS Science, spoke about his research project over the past six years looking at the actual risks to Wellington of having a major earthquake in the foreseeable future. He talked about the various fault lines running below Wellington and why he considers we may not be facing as much risk as thought earlier. However he emphasised that doesn't negate our need to be prepared because we never know when an earthquake might strike.

Neville Brown, WCC Programme Director for Earthquake Resilience, was the second speaker. He outlined the work that the Council has being doing for a number of years now in terms of earthquake strengthening city buildings and what is yet to be done, including remedial work at the Tawa Library.

We also heard from Kerry McSaveney from WREMO (Emergency Management) about what we should be doing in our own homes and neighbourhoods. A good place to start is to know those who live nearby and to put together a street plan to cover how the neighbourhood would respond to a major earthquake. "Connected neighbourhoods" are at a distinct advantage in the event of a major disaster. Of course there are other benefits from getting to know our neighbours. See Neighbourhood Support in Tawa.

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