Hanging the baskets

The Tawa Community Board has been working on the hanging baskets project for quite some time and, finally, the day arrived, late November 2012, when more than 50 were put into place one by one in the main shopping area on the eastern side of the Main Road in Tawa.

Thanks to board members Chris Reading and Cr Justin Lester who did all the hard work in acquiring the baskets and, with Brian Frampton's help more recently, screwing in the hooks onto which they would be secured. There was a substantial amount of behind-the-scenes work like arranging funding, obtaining permission from the various owners of the buildings between Drummond's Pharmacy and the Library, as well as seeing to the installation of the irrigation system.

And so on a recent evening a team of seven locals uplifted 50+ hanging baskets from where they had been temporarily stored and hung them outside the Main Road shops. They look superb and add a touch of class to our central shopping area. Well done team!

[Click on pics to enlarge].

  An array of colour - the baskets in storage.
  Loading them into the Brian Frampton's Tawa Building Supplies' truck.
  Starting to hang the baskets - Brian Frampton and Nick Reading
  (obscured) putting in the effort, Justin Lester pointing, Robert
  Tredger listening.
  Looking good - halfway there.
  Nick and Chris Reading adding the finishing touches outside the
  Spontaneous shot of the team - (L to R) Malcolm Sparrow, Robert
  Tredger, Brian Frampton, Nick Reading, Chris Reading, with Justin
  Lester taking the photo. Ian Pettigrew also gave a hand.
  The finished job. Looking north from the Library.

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