Spring is both a pretty season and an 'inspiring' season. We've left winter behind (for the most part!), the weather is getting warmer and the days longer! And there's evidence of new life around the place, in both the animal and plant worlds.

August (officially the last month of winter) sees lambs being born on the farmland adjoining Tawa, and the first flowers in bloom. In September many gardens are ablaze with colour (including the Botanical Gardens in the central city - not featured here), yellow being prominent, particularly with kowhai trees and daffodils having 'sprung to life'. And it's October when blossom trees are at their glorious best, dotted here and there in local streets and several at Willowbank Park as shown below.

Spring in Wellington still brings some rain and lots of wind, but it's those warm sunny spring days which we get now and again that really make one feel good to be alive!

An early sign of spring

Ducklings in the stream

Lyndhurst Rd near the roundabout (northern side)

Same setting as previously

Lyndhurst Rd near the roundabout (southern side)

Huia St

Oriel Ave

Ngatitoa St

Main Road

BP roundabout

Garden in St Johns Tce

Daffodil time - September

House in Redwood Ave

Fitzwilliam Tce

Gonville St/Oriel Ave

St Johns Tce

Further down St Johns Tce

Willowbank Park

Willowbank again

More Willowbank

The above scenes are also at Willowbank Park Sunday, October 9th, 2004 - courtesy of Alan Wickens


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Kowhai trees in McLellan St
Kowhai trees in Tawa
Kowhai tree on Main Road
Tui in a kowhai tree
Kowhai trees in bloom

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