Summer in Tawa (and most places in New Zealand for that matter) is like a box of chocolates. You never quite know what you're going to get. What we do know is that it doesn't get especially hot, well not in Wellington anyway. The mercury hardly ever rises above 25 degrees (77 fahrenheit). As local people will verify, daily maximum temperatures in this neck of the woods in summer are usually in the 20-24 degree range, and that probably suits most of us here.

The summer of 2007-08 was one of the best in a long time, kinda how summers should be! However the summer at the time this page was first compiled (2004-05) really took some time to "come right", and that was the case throughout most of the country. In fact the Wellington region experienced stormy weather early in the New Year - or so I believe. My family was out of town at the time. By later January it had finally started to feel warm, and we subsequently enjoyed a 2-3 week spell of very nice weather, with temperatures regularly in the upper 20s. On those sorts of days (or evenings) the beach - the closest being about 12 minutes away - is a good place to be, as seen in several of the photos below.


It's summer - barbecue time. ... and it's cricket season.
The pohutukawa trees are in full bloom at Brasenose Park (and elsewhere).
For more pohutukawa shots, click here.
The BP roundabout with a pohutukawa tree in the foreground.
Heading out of Tawa to Titahi Bay 12-15 minutes away - about 7.30pm one superb late January evening. Shelley Bay (Whitireia Park, Porirua) on a late January Sunday afternoon.
Hutt River (at this point 30-35 minutes away) on a rather warm early February Sunday afternoon - temperatures in the upper 20s. Scorching Bay (the other side of Wellington) on a Sunday February afternoon which was pleasant enough, but by no means scorching!
The sound of summer, the cicada. Evidence that we did have a reasonably hot spell at one stage - this is the highest in Wellington that my car thermometer has ever got to, 30 degrees (86 fahrenheit).
The Main Road/Lyndhurst Road roundabout looking superb. 'Dramatic skies' - summer sunset
- photo courtesy of Alan Wickens.

More summer shots:

Various summer scenes
Summer in Wellington
The beach on a summer's evening
Summertime at Willowbank

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