Compared with some places, it doesn't get especially cold in these parts in the winter. We do get a few frosts, but rarely ice or snow. The one occasion in recent years we did get snow was mid-August 2011. Click here for pics of that memorable occasion.

If you're a 'local' reading this, you don't need to be told what 'Winter in Tawa' is like because you know from first-hand experience. But for others who may be interested, our winters range between cool and somewhat 'mild'. Maximum daytime temperatures are generally around 10-13 degrees (50-55 degrees fahrenheit).

Most winters we experience a small number of relatively heavy overnight frosts - as depicted in the photos below. Generally they're followed by a reasonably sunny day, which makes them quite bearable. However it's the wet spells that can make life miserable.

Some weeks in winter can be wet, very windy and cold - as it was the week prior to this page being compiled one August. The gas heaters in this household were turned up somewhat higher than usual. Rain in these parts doesn't always bring cold with it, but the amount we incurred that winter left the ground sodden at times.

By the time we get to August, the good news is that spring is just around the corner. Roll on daylight saving and warmer weather!


The photos above were taken July and August in Redwood (southwest Tawa).
Those below are at Willowbank Park in August.
For more shots of Willowbank in winter, click here.

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