Willowbank Park is one of the most scenic and pleasant spots in Tawa. It has a playground for younger kids, a stream for older ones, and is generally suitable for picnicking and various recreational activities.

These photos were taken in the depths of winter (early August 2005) by Alan Wickens.

Click here and go to C9 at the bottom of the map to see where Willowbank is situated at the southern end of Tawa, close to the motorway exit. It's signified by the red spot adjacent to Takapu Road railway station.

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More photos of Willowbank Park (individual shots unless indicated otherwise):

July 2005 - New picnic tables and sun shelters
June 2005 - Winter morning
February 2005 - Lolly scramble
January 2005 - Summertime
November 2004 - Placid waters
October 2004 - Spring shots
August 2004 - Winter shots
February 2004 - Tawa Intermediate outing