Early progress with the new supermarket

The old Woolworths supermarket in Tawa closed its doors for good on Monday 7 November 2011. In its place a New World supermarket will rise from the ashes (so to speak). In the meantime a small temporary store is operating in Tawa Mall next to the old supermarket, and a shoppers' bus is making three return trips to Porirua New World each day.

The old building is being completely revamped, a process which started at the beginning of December. The new supermarket will be one third larger than the old one. All going well, it is hoped it will be ready for business in July.

These pictures record some of the development taking place.

[Click on pics to enlarge].

  21 November 2011
  The shoppers' bus which transported people to New World Porirua.
  10 December 2011
  Reconstruction of the mall, with the exterior of the old supermarket
  still intact.
  16 December 2011
  Attacking the old supermarket.
  20 December 2011
  Progress on the western entrance which provides access from
  Tawa Plaza.
  21 December 2011
  22 December 2011
  20 January 2012
  20 January 2012
  26 January 2012
  26 January 2012
  Tawa Plaza (western) entrance
  26 January 2012
  Tawa Plaza entrance

Construction of the new supermarket over the remaining nine months

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