Construction of the new supermarket

The old Woolworths supermarket in Tawa closed its doors for good on Monday 7 November 2011. It was to be replaced with a New World supermarket which was initially scheduled to open for business around July 2012.

Reconstruction of the mall had already started, and the "Tawa Temporary Store", a small store that thought big, offered a limited but reasonably effective range of groceries to Tawa residents whilst the full supermarket was out of action. Work on the actual supermarket building wasn't able to be commenced until the very end of November.

The new New World supermarket finally opened its doors for business on Tuesday 9 October 2012.

Click on "early progress with the new supermarket" for photos taken during the first two months of reconstruction. The photos on this page show construction of the new supermarket over the remaining nine months.

[Click on pics to enlarge].

  12 February 2012
  The new structure taking shape.
  18 February 2012
  2 March 2012
  2 March 2012
  8 May 2012
  Revamped Tawa Plaza (western) entrance now accessible.
  17 May 2012
  19 July 2012
  24 August 2012
  New World wording in place.
  13 September 2012
  Putting the street signage in place - 26 days before opening.
  19 September 2012
  Putting advertising wording in place - 20 days before opening.
  2 October 2012
  One week to go.
  10 October 2012
  All done - one day after opening.

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