Festival singers on the walkway

These pics serve a dual purpose in promoting the Tawa Music Festival, "Tawa Goes to Town", as well as the Tawa Shared Walkway which is where they are set.

Both shots feature Redwood School children, up to 130 of them, who have been joining another couple of hundred local schoolchildren every Wednesday afternoon this term in practising for "Tawa Goes to Town" which is scheduled to take place at the Michael Fowler Centre on the evening of Tuesday 18 September. See an earlier practice here.

In the first scene they're heading onto the Tawa Station to Redwood Station leg of the Tawa Shared Walkway on Wednesday 5 September on their way back to their home school after their practice at the college. At the time of this page being compiled, a competition had just been held to come up with an official name for the walkway, but the winning name had not yet been determined.

The second shot was taken one week later, in rather chilly conditions, with the kids and their teachers en route to the college. This was the last Wednesday afternoon practice before the actual event.

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